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Welcome to  YOGA VITA



Yoga is for Life ~ QUALITY of LIFE    ~  ENTIRETY  of LIFE


Since 1999 we have been safely and effectively teaching Yoga.  Born out of Debra Lauren's love of the practice, Yoga Vita was established.  


Introduced to Yoga as a teenager followed by taking classes off and on for years as a young adult was the beginning, a seed was planted.   Years later Debra's appreciation of Yoga would flourish.  As a hair colorist, it was her Yoga practice that recharged and sustained her from the affects of long hours of standing.  Her innovative Yoga practice away from home when traveling for a hair product company renewed mental and physical vitality.

Her clients in the salon noticed a  difference in her demeanor calm yet energetic presence.   That is when the requests to teach Yoga began. 


Iyengar Yoga is for EveryONE ~  all ages, abilities, conditions, stiffness, flexibility     


 Everyone comes to Yoga for their own reason, but gets so much more than what they came for.




 Yoga is  for Life ~ QUALITY of LIFE    ~  ENTIRETY  of LIFE